2018 Year End High Point Winners

All Age - Topsail Oak

Amateur - Diane Kendrick - Star of Texata

Novice Amateur - Kristen Regula  - Golden Bueno Dun It

Youth - Ashley Butcher - Dun It By Starlight

Novice Youth - Josie Mansfield  - Winning Attribute

Amateur Select - JoAnn Smith  - Quickazacat

Walk/Trot 18 & U - Jake Mansfield  - Rodeo

Walk/Trot 19 & U - Ray Smith  - Quickazacat

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Updated 3/28/18
In order to be eligible for 2019 Year End Awards, you MUST show in TWO (2) shows.   This is PER DIVISION, and does not carry over from one to another.

VolRHA point standings include current MEMBERS only. If you do not see your name listed in the points, we do not have you as a current member.  If you have any concerns with points standings, please contact Tammy Bledsoe at tammy.bledsoe@gmail.com and she will be happy to assist you.  Please remember that in order to be eligible for 2019 year end awards you must have shown in AT LEAST TWO shows.  This is PER DIVISION. If you show All Age at one show and Amateur at another you will NOT be eligible for an award in either division.  All Age points go with the Horse, all other divisions are the horse/rider combination.

2017 Year End High Point Winners

All Age - Quickazacat

Amateur - Diane Kendrick - Star of Texata

Novice Amateur - Gary McClain - Buggy Lights

Youth - Kory Smith - CuttinOneForCowboy

Novice Youth - Amber Hiscock - JKS Big Sexy

2016 Year End Winners

All Age - Tabus Heart Throb

Amateur - Diane Kendrick - Star of Texata

Novice Amateur - Summer Kelley - RR Stars Mi Hija

Youth - Kate Shadowens - Creek Rider

Novice Youth - Taylor Butcher - Ten Chex To Cash